Taille: Ediror Grossmann and Thomas M. Emotional body expression in daily actions database. A multimodal fuzzy inference system using a continuous facial expression representation for emotion detection.

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Version simplifié du srudio PhotoMasque. The second part of the book intends to analyse the evolution of this model during the s and s.

Because of the dynamics of inventive activity, the inventive intermediaries were weakened by their own success. Therefore a new form of collective organization appeared which was quite visible in the inventive communities which called for government intervention. Besides, in the s large firms, new practices and new features allowed better tracking of information technology.

Meanwhile, public debate on the reconciliation of science and industry became stronger. Alexandre Millerand's entry in the government marks the beginning of the third movement.

Millerand promoted fundamental reforms such as the creation of the National Patent and Trademarks Office in or the Patents Act in These changes made the technical information system more efficient. Meanwhile, inventive activity became a social and political issue, especially because technical progress was considered a solution to the social question.

However, the period of the Belle Epoque should not be considered as the end of the decentralized organization of inventive activity. Even if large firms tried to centralize the inventive activity, the decentralized model remained alive. The rupture of World War I is the last part of this work.